I'm working with everything related to Blockchain and Web technologies. I'm currently developing robust and unique solutions on the Ethereum network for my clients.


I value clean, maintainable, and modular codebases. I support every development practice which enhances the code's quality that doesn't introduce technical debt. I like approaching problems from different angles and coming up with straightforward solutions. When things get complicated, getting back to basics and asking the right questions will always light the way forward. Every technology has a place in our world, as long as we are proactive and careful with our choices. What matters the most is creating well-designed, functional applications that are easily usable by our end-users and profitable for our clients.

Do not over-engineer solutions while considering every possible scenario is my preferred motto these days.


I hold a BSc. in Computer Science from the Department of Applied Informatics at the University of Macedonia in Greece. In the past, I worked as a Full Stack Developer at Nutridice, helping in the process of developing a Minimum Viable Product for our clients, FoodTec's Solutions Front End team in Thessaloniki, where I was responsible for web accessibility (WCAG 2.0 Level AA) features, and as a software engineer at iqrate. I'm also a seasonal contributor to Open Source projects at GitHub and the creator of graphIT, a interactive visualization tool for common graph algorithms.

Technical Skills

Languages: Javascript, Typescript, Solidity, C, Bash

Frontend: React, Redux, CSS, HTML5, Sass/Scss, Webpack, Tailwind CSS, Google Analytics

Backend: Node, Next.js, Express, PostgreSQL, Prisma, Vercel, Firebace, Nginx

Blockchain: OpenZeppelin, Hardhat, Ethers.js, Web3.js, TheGraph Protocol, Uniswap Protocol

DevOps: Git, GitHub Actions, Docker, GCP, Linux, Digital Ocean

Codebase: Prettier, ESLint, EditorConfig, Conventional Commits, VSCode, lint-staged

Testing: Jest, Karma, puppeteer